Syndication: A Key To Social Success

Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are the ABC, NBC and CBS of today.

But it’s become even more than that, our attention is now hyper focused on the device in our palm.

Communication, productivity AND entertainment all in one, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

This massive shift makes all pre-existing forms of advertising and their related metrics for success at best overpriced and at worst irrelevant.

PKGD Media is a digital native agency with GenX leadership and we pride ourselves on staying on top of this shift.

You simply must be creating digital content that passes the WIST (Would I Share This) Test and publishing consistently onto these social platforms.

To put things in perspective, 1.9 million blog posts will be uploaded on WordPress today and 25% of the traffic on the internet is originating from Facebook every day.  You must also understand this and recognize that you’re not only competing with your direct competitors, you’re competing with ALL of that activity.

As a society, we’ve become incredibly dependent on technology and social media, and here, at PKGD media, we continue to take initiative and distribute meaningful content in an innovative manner.

PKGD Media partnered with Yummie Network in 2016. By partnering with a legitimate third party media source, we’ve been able to gain the trusted endorsements we need and broaden our reach.

Yummie Network has significant traction, multiple sources of content and celebrity interviews. Partnering with them allows us to receive the endorsements that count, rather than content that’s been distributed by yourself, about yourself. Self-distribution leads to low credibility and that isn’t what you require.

Get the most out of your marketing strategies with these two easy steps:

  1. Create content that’s shareable and trustworthy to your target audience.
  2. Syndicated distribution is key. Partnering with a third party makes it easier for your company to gain trusted attention.